A recent (June 2016) MCERTS policy update from the Environment Agency now allows on site or rapid measurement techniques to be used for regulatory purposes. The data from the on site or RMT (Rapid Measurement Technique) method can only be used if the quality control procedures for the technique are suitable and that a few samples are confirmed by sending them to an MCERTS accredited laboratory. There is no specified number of samples required, for example in the recent Crossrail project in London, QROS  analysed over 14,000 samples by on site methods, and a total of 84 samples were used for MCERTS corroboration. The number of samples to be sent for verification will depend on the project and the nature of the contamination present, and rarely exceeds 10%.


On Site Analysis (RMTs)

The Environment Agency’s latest update on the 2006 MCERTS policy document.

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