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What do you get from QROS?

QROS provides everything you need for the best onsite analysis available, as well as providing information and support. We can place the complete range of kit necssary for hydrocarbon analysis, including the award-winning QED, chlorinated solvents, heavy metals and other contaminants at your fingertips, bringing you significant savings in time and costs.

A short training course of around 2 - 3 hours enables operators to do all the testing themselves, without the expense of hiring a chemist or sending samples to laboratories, with the bonus of instant results rather than a delay of several weeks. If you need fast, accurate low cost analysis or any information about soil or water analysis, please look around this site, or call QROS on 0800 046 9695 and we will be very happy to guide you.

Don’t wait weeks for laboratory results, get results in seconds with QROS

QROS’s analysers and techniques are currently in use by Europe’s largest construction project Crossrail, the UK Ministry of Defence, US Department of Defence, US Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, and the Nigerian Oil Spill and Response Agency. QROS screened all the soil for the 2012 London Olympics construction project and was instrumental in bringing it in three months ahead of schedule. QROS tested over 14,000 soil samples for London’s Crossrail project.

 QROS US was launched in 2008. In June 2012, the US state of North Carolina mandated the QED hydrocarbon analyser as a replacement for the method 8015 Gas Chromatography method for managing site investigation and remediation projects  involving Leaking  Petroleum Fuel  storage tanks. Several other US states are also looking to approve the QED analyser.

QROS provides low cost on site analysis generating rapid and reliable results for contaminated land practitioners, waste management operators and regulatory authorities.

 QROS – Quick Results On Site.

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QROS has a variety of techniques that can rapidly and accurately identify:

 A wide range of Hydrocarbons, including BTEX, GRO, DRO, TPH, PAH, Waste Oils, Crude Oils

 Heavy Metals including Cadmium,

   Mercury and Chrome

 Chlorinated Solvents

 Phenols

 Ammonia/Ammonium

 Cyanide

 Sulphate

 Chloride

 pH levels

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